This interview is part of a series of developer discussions that shares details on the upcoming collectible RPG Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, to be released on iOS and Android later this year.

This week, we talked to the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Creative Team about the collectible character Daenerys Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone.

What makes Daenerys Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone special in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall?

Daenerys has an incredible journey from exiled royal traded by her corrupt brother to liberating thousands of people in Essos, becoming their Queen, and reviving the power of dragons in the world. In this version, as the lady of Dragonstone, Daenerys has become a powerful leader and a fearsome foe, unleashing the impressive powers of her dragons upon those who oppose her march towards her goal of ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

In the timeline of Beyond the Wall, Daenerys is not born yet, but through the power of greensight and Weirwood trees, the players know the important role she plays in the future. Because of this and her mastery of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone, is one of the most powerful heroes a player can collect.

What kind of abilities can Daenerys Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone use in combat?

This version of Daenerys is the only hero in the game at this point that can use dragons. These daunting beasts have the unique ability to unleash a scorching breath of fire on the enemy, causing massive damage to anyone standing in its area of effect. This devastating ability is really what makes her stand out in the hero roster.

What sort of squad strategy can a player build around Daenerys Targaryen, Lady of Dragonstone?

Daenerys is vulnerable in direct combat and needs protecting. When forming squads around her ability, it’s best to have a varied team that can support, defend, and take the enemy head on, allowing the Lady of Dragonstone to avoid direct combat and make the most out of her flying children.

Can we expect other hero versions of Daenerys in the future?

Without a doubt. Like Jon Snow, Daenerys holds tremendous importance to the plot of the show. She also has a very powerful character arc that, unlike other characters, spans both Essos and Westeros. This means a high number of possible collectible versions, and we plan on releasing as many as we can make interesting.