This interview is part of a series of developer discussions that share details on the upcoming collectible RPG Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, to be released on iOS and Android later this year.

This week, we talked to the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Creative Team about the collectible character Jaime Lannister, Westerlands Commander.

What makes Jaime Lannister, Westerlands Commander special in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall?

Jaime is the first House Lannister representative in Beyond the Wall ‘s current hero collection. This means that he needs to evoke the spirit of his family: strategic, prideful, shrewd, and ambitious. Playing Jaime, you’ll support your troops on the battlefield but still be able to get involved.

What kind of abilities can Jaime Lannister, Westerlands Commander use in combat?

Like his title suggests, Jaime is an able strategist who uses his sharp thinking to get the best out of his troop. Jaime possesses a unqiue ability that allows him to read the battlefield and spot weaknesses in the opposing squad, allowing his own units to deal increased damage. This reflects the Lannister’s reputation of impecable military leadership that made them one of the most powerful house of Westeros.

Of course, Jaime is also a talented swordsman who’s battle prowesses have been told all over the known world. So much that his presence alone can cause the enemies to drop on their knees.

What sort of squad strategy can a player build around Jaime Lannister, Westerlands Commander?

Jaime is an aggressive hero but lacks the extra muscle and fortitude to stand strongly on the frontline. He is best paired with damage dealers who Jaime can guide during combat, taking advantage of his keen eye and brilliant strategic mind.

Can we expect other hero versions of Jaime in the future?

There are plenty of versions of Jaime that we plan on developing for our players’ collections. His character has great combat skills that can easily make for unique and interesting gameplay.