This interview is part of a series of developer discussions that share details on the upcoming collectible RPG Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, to be released on iOS and Android.
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This week we talked to the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Creative Team about the [Weirwood Quests] game mode.

How do weirwood trees fit into Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall?

Weirwood trees play a very important role in the game: they appear in the story’s first scene that kicks off the story and eventually allow players to access alternate timelines represented by Legendary Events. The mysterious magic of weirwood trees is one of the game’s central themes.

Tell us about the [Weirwood Quests] game mode.

We learned on the show that Brynden Rivers, Bloodraven, ends up becoming a part of a weirwood tree far north beyond the wall. Through this transformation, he takes on the role of the mystical Three-Eyed Raven. Once he fuses with the tree, Bloodraven gains access to immense knowledge through greensight and other magic we probably cannot fully understand. We wanted to evoke the constant quest for this ancient knowledge through a recurring game mode. That is how [Weirwood Quests] was born.
The game mode itself is sort of a daily dungeon with a rogue-like feel. Players build a squad from their roster to go on the day’s quest and enter the Haunted Forest to find a weirwood tree before their characters run out of health.
When players first enter the forest, they cannot see the full level map. Each move forward reveals a small portion of the area that surrounds them. At each step, something random happens: players find a camping spot that allows them to restore health, they encounter an enemy, or find the Woods Witch Mayla and get the chance to buy from her rotating shop of rare items. There is also some randomization to the level layout and daily encounters, so every playthrough is different.

How does gameplay differ in [Weirwood Quests] game mode?

The biggest difference between [Weirwood Quests] and other modes is its rogue-like feel. Players have to manage the characters they bring in much like a party of heroes in a dungeon crawler – getting as deep into the dungeon as they can, with a higher chance at better rewards the further they go.
The ultimate goal of this game mode is finding a weirwood tree and a guaranteed rare item. There is no penalty for losing, other than the unclaimed treasures. But, we hope players will still feel motivated to go as far as they can. The journey itself becomes another way to reward the players’ efforts to improve their squads over time.

What else can players expect from [Weirwood Quests] in the future?

If the mode is as popular with players as we expect, we will look into enabling cooperation with friends in a future update. The idea of playing through a dungeon with your friends, using a collection of Game of Thrones heroes you’ve invested in sounded really fun to us on the dev team, but we’re waiting to see what players think.


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